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Opening bank account

Japanese banks are usually open Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 15:00. In order to open an account at a Japanese bank, a foreigner requires to present his/her Alien Registration Card, the document any foreigner needs to apply for when staying in Japan for more than 90 days. An inkan (personal stamp) or signature is also needed. Hikarihome consultants will assist you to gain Alien Registration & Personal stamp(certificate is needed)/ legitimate signature(certificate is needed).

Alien Registration

According to the Alien Registration Law, foreigners who intend to stay in Japan more than 90 days need to apply for Alien Registration at a municipal office in the district where they live.
-You need-
①Application for Alien Registration (available at the municipal office)

②Two identical original photos of the student taken within the past 6 months. Photographs must show the head, full-faced, no hat and no edge. Size: 4.5×3.5cm


Certificate of Alien Registration will be issued in 2~3 weeks after filing application.

Personal Stamp Registration or signature certificate

Personal Stamp Registration(印鑑証明)

After purchasing your seal from an inkanya(seal shop), registration takes place at municipal office. Your stamp name should be the same as that which appears on your Foreign Residents' Registration card, and written in the same style. For example, if your registered name is in Roman letters, then your stamp name should also be in Roman letters.

-You need-

②Signature of guarantor

Signature certificate(署名証明書 or サイン証明書)

If you don't want to resister Personal stamp you need to provide Signature certificate from your embassy.

-You need-


What is a guarantor?
A guarantor is a person who is financially stable and ensures the property owner that in case the tenant cannot pay for the rent, the guarantor will be responsible for the rent. The guarantor has nearly the same responsibility as the tenants, therefore it is advisable that you choose a relative. In general, the guarantor has to be those residing in Japan.

Finding a guarantor...
Many foreigners find it difficult to find their guarantor. There are conditions for the guarantor which may be the cause of the problem. In general, the guarantor must be financially stable and has a Japanese citizenship. Since there is a tradition of Japanese saying “don’t be a guarantor for others” it may be a problem finding your friend to be a guarantor.

Guaranty Company
If you cannot find a guarantor, there is a guaranty company which serves as a guarantor. The number of guaranty companies are increasing today in Japan. The regulations varies according to the companies. For instance the types of the guaranty companies are those that obligates to set a guarantor, emergency contact, or those without the obligation of having a guarantor or any emergency contact. Furthermore, credit card account may be used as a guarantee.

Insurance against fire

Insurance will cover the damages such as:
Fire insurance provides protection for the estimated value of the physical house. However, there are a number of exclusions to the same, for example medical bills, loss of human life and pets, loss of personal belongings, damage to the landscape and expenses for accommodation for the time being.

Arrange moving company

If you haven't decided which moving company you should use, Hikarihome can arrange the service for you! Please ask for your consultant for any help!

Set up utilities

Once the move-in date is confirmed, it's best to set up the utilities as soon as possible. Please don’t hesitate to ask our Hikarihome staff for any assistance!

Please note that you are required to be there, in person, when the gas is turned on.

Furniture rental

For customers who are staying Japan only temporary, funiture & home electronics rental might suits for you. They provide top name-brand funiture & home electronics from \3,129/month!

For example, basic set option you choose 5 home electronics from the items below.

Setting up internet connection and mobile phone for you

We assist you to set up internet connection & mobile phone after you moved in.

Disposing garbages in Tokyo

The way of taking out the garbages differs dippending on the neibourhood in which you live in. The day and time period when the garbage is to be set out is decuded, so when you move in ask Hikarihome consultants or the local government office about the set day and time. Please check the information page of your area.

Shinnjuku 新宿区 Adachiku 足立区
Arakawaku 荒川区 Itabashiku 板橋区
Edogawaku 江戸川区 Katsusikaku 葛飾区
Ootaku 大田区 Kitaku 北区
Kotoku 江東区 Shinagwaku 品川区
Shibuyaku 渋谷区 Suginamiku 杉並区
Sumidaku 墨田区 Setagayaku 世田谷区
Kitaku 北区 Taitouku 台東区
Tyuohku 中央区 Chiyodaku 千代田区
Toyosimaku 豊島区 Nakanoku 中野区
Nerimaku 練馬区 Bunkyouku 文京区
Minatoku 港区 Meguroku 目黒区

From these links you can download PDF documentation explaining how to separate and dispose recyclable resources and waste in each ward in Tokyo.

ヒカリホームでは、外国人の方々がスムーズにお部屋探しをできるように、 また総務ご担当者様のご負担を軽減できるように、様々なサポートをしています。

What Hikarihome do?
we introduce investment properties, arrange finance for purchase and provide the subsequent property management for an effective investment.
Where are you located?
Hikarihome locate in Aoyama, Tokyo.
Can I ask questions in English?
Yes. All the Hikarihome consultants speak English as their second language.
Can you show us housing outside Tokyo?
Basically we don’t introduce properties outside Tokyo, but we could look for them on your request.
What is Short-term Furnished Apartment?
Short-term Furnished Apartment is fully equipped rooms you can rent from 7 days. The rental fee includes utility, insurance and tax money. No guarantor, No deposit, No Agent fee needed.
What kind of furniture do you have?
Sheet set, Bed, Set of basic furniture, DVD Player, Air Conditioning, TV, Hair Dryer, motion sensor light, Shower Toilet, Washing Machine, Electrical Kettle, Microwave Oven, Free Internet Service, Refrigerator, Curtains, Cushion, Coffee Table, TV Board, Rug, Cupboard, Gas Stove, Dish Cleaner, Sponge for dishes, Can Opener, Garbage Can, Dishes, Corkscrew, Dish Towel, Toilet Roll, Shower , Bathroom Cleaner, Toilet Brush, Soap, Washcloth, Bathroom Dryer , Bathroom Dryer , Bathroom Dryer , Bathroom Dryer , Floor Wiper, Trash Can, Tissue, Hanger, Ash Tray, Duster, Laundry Hanger, Viscid Cleaner, Alarm Clock, Gas Stove, Toilet, Hot water supply system, Bathroom, Elevator, Auto-lock Main Entrance, Home delivery box, Closet, Independent Bath and Toilet, Shower Toilet
Is there internet connection?
How long is the minimum rental term?
The minimum rental term is 7 days.
Do I need a guarantor?
How much do I have to pay when signing contract?
You have to pay for the room rental fee and the deposit(only for A type rooms).
Can I have my deposit back when I move out?
You will have 50% of the deposit if the room isn't damaged.
Do I need a guarantor?
No guarantor, No key money, No Agent fee are needed.
Do I have to pay for the utility?
You don’t need to pay for the utility. The cost is included in the rental fee.
Are there any furniture?
We provide only bed. Other furniture such us PCs are placed in the common space.
About the shower & washing machine?
Shower 8min/\100, laundry \200to\300, drier 20min/\100
Are the apartments listed on the web site the only ones you can introduce?
No. The apartments listed are only a sample of the apartments we can offer. If you do not find anything that you are looking for, please call us at
I would like to take a look at the room. Can you arrange for me?
Of course, we would like you to take a look first. Please contact us to make an arrangement. You do not have to come over to our office; we can meet each other at the nearest station.
I have no idea about the Japanese style of living, for example Subways. Will you tell me how to live in Tokyo?
Sure. We understand that living in a different country is very difficult for you sometimes. We have an English version of the Metro map, City map, and more. Please feel free to ask any questions about living in Tokyo.
Is there any cost other than renting fee?
Yes. It is case by case but there are deposit and key money you have to pay to the owner of property. Apart from that we charge you Agent fee, Guarantor fee(if you don’t have guarantor) and key replacement fee. In some case there are other charges but mostly these are the cost we ask you.
Is it necessary for me to have a guarantor in order to sign up?
Yes, in most cases a guarantor is required. In the case you do not have a guarantor, there are Guarantor Serviced Companies that can act as your guarantor.
How long does the process take from Application to Move-in?
Normally it takes 1 week to 2 weeks, but if you are in hurry we can arrange in a day.
How much is the agent fee?
It is same price to the rent.
Can I apply from oversea?
Yes. If you could provide us a documentation which proves you are going to stay in Japan in long term.
Do you charge cancellation fee?
Basically we don’t charge for cancellation, but after the money has been deposited we are charging for cancellation.
I am under 20 years old. Can I reserve a room?
No problem. But if you are under 20 years old, we would like to ask for your parents or guarantor’s written consent.
Under Construction
.I heard Japan has restrict rules on setting out garbage, is that true?
Yes it is. You can ask Hikarihome consultants about the rules. We also created links to the pamphlets distributed by each ward offices.
Caution regarding noise
For example, loud voices, parties, televisions, and stereos, musical instruments, vacuum cleaner and washing machines, the sound of children running around, slamming of doors, taking a bath at night, and similar actions can often be noisy, so be careful not to disturb the neighbors.

How to use housing
Japan is very humid(especially in the summer time), so take care to air out the inside of the housing. If condensation forms, wipe it off. Leaving condensation could cause mold and mildew to form and you will be responsible for this.

putting nails in the walls of the housing or painting it are often prohibited, so be sure to check what is prohibited by the rental agreement.

Living with people other than those stated in the rental agreement or sub-leasing the housing to another party are infractions of the rental agreement.

Using the kitchen
Do not wash grease or food scraps down the sink drain. Absorb the grease with newspaper or other material and put it in the burnable garbage.

When cooking generates strong smells or smoke, turn on the exhaust fan and make sure the smell does not liger in the housing.

Using the bathroom and toilet
Do not wash hair and other matter down the bathroom drain.

Do not flush anything but toilet paper down the toilet.

"You will cause your neighbors trouble if a drain or toilet becomes plugged and overflow. If you cause damage to housing below yours, you will be responsible for paying for it."

Where is your office located?
Our office is located in near the Omotesando station. Please take Ginza-Line, Hanzomon-Line or Chiyoda-Line to get to the Omotesando station. It is about 2 minutes walk from these stations. Please bring the map when you visit.
Using common service areas and balconies
"In multi-family dwellings, the halls, stairs, and other locations outside of your housing

are common service areas. Do not place garbage or personal property in these areas.

These common service areas are also used as escape routes in times of emergency."

Balconies might also be used as escape routes in times of emergency. Do not block the escape routes, etc, with belongings.

Difference between an apa-to and a mansion
An apa-to is a multi-family dwelling that generally low-raise building or wooden or light steel frame construction. These are also called haitsu or ko-po.

Reading floor layouts
In Japan, floor layouts are expressed using such terms as "2LDK"

The "L" stands for living room, the "D" for dining room, and the "K" for kitchen. "LDK" means one room jointly serves as the living room, dining room, and kitchen."

"If there is a number, such as "1" or "2" in front, such as "1DK" or "2LDK", it shows the number of independent rooms. For example, "2LDK" means there are 2 independent rooms in addition to the LDK. "
Wearing shoes in the house is prohibited
Japanese houses have a step up from the entrance to the hall or room. Shoes are removed in the entrance before entering the rest of the house.

In Japan, people sit directly on the floor or on a cushion placed on the floor. So be sure to remove your shoes in the entrance.

You must not enter the rest of the house with your shoes on.
Bicycle parking space
Line up your bicycle in an orderly fashion in the designated area, such as a bicycle parking space. When there are rules, such as affixing a special sticker to the bicycle, these rules must be followed. For automobiles, a parking space must be acquired(there is often a charge for parking spaces). You must not park in even empty spaces in a parking area unless you have been given the right to park there(rented the apace, etc).
Greeting the neighbors
It is convenient to be acquainted with each other. Take care on a daily basis to great people when you meet them.